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Animated Video


ecently we were requested to create an animated video for a wealth management company within Sydney.  Animated videos require collaboration with the business owner in order to present the brand and product in the appropriate style for the target audience.  Adsum Wealth wanted a fun and creative take on what they do and an animated video could do that in a short 90 second feature video.

These videos, often called ‘explainer videos’ or ‘whiteboard animation’ can often cost many thousands of dollars to create.  But we were able to put this together at an extremely affordable rate, well below market rates.  So the final product was cost effective for their needs and still custom designed.

Animated videos require scripting, storyboarding, design, synchronisation, music, sound effects and most often a professional voice over.  We were able to do all of this within a few weeks.  Contact us if you would like a quote on creating an animated video to promote your brand.