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Google Drive Popup Ads Removal

Recently I had a client who was infected with malware and was seeing popup ads everywhere.  I ran through the usual procedures by cleaning everything with malwarebytes, adwcleaner, junkware removal tool…updated anti virus, updated windows patches, updated java…seriously everything I could think of.  Yet there was one problem still occurring, popup ads whilst viewing files in Google drive.

This was strange as I thought everything was clean, yet these popup ads would appear everytime going to bestwebnutfunblack.org ?

I couldn’t find any solutions even on google forums, they would just say reset the browser cookies or uninstall and reinstall etc. But this problem persisted.

Then I finally figured it out.  The solution was to look at the Google Drive Apps which were connected to the users account!

I logged into google drive and then clicked on the wheel/gear/nut icon for settings.

Then click the Manage Apps from the left menu.

I found some suspicious apps and removed them and also unticked ‘use by default’ on everything else.

Then once I had done that, retested and the problem was finally solved!

So in future, if your getting popups whilst using google drive, make sure you check what connected apps the user has running with google drive because no amount of malware scanning or cleaning will fix it..