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Sutherland Shire IT Support

Based within the Sutherland Shire we are ready to help you out with any IT support issues.

Are you sick of paying for bad advice?  Splendour IT services is unique in that as the owner I am professionally IT degree qualified and having completed my MBA can also converse beyond ‘technical’ terms.  My goal is to make either your business easier to run, help you better understand technical issues, help you understand and/or setup social networks online and find out whether you even actually need to be interacting within these networks.  Once size certainly does not fit all and I prefer to find solutions that suit personal preferences and the individual businesses.

I’m happy to simply be your on call service in the Sutherland Shire should any IT support issues arise.  Don’t wait until a disaster occurs and you don’t know who to contact.  Contact me now on 0410 661 441 for a chat or send me an email at Mark@SplendourIT.com.au regarding your business or personal IT issues.